Monday, January 01, 2007

The Man In The Mirror

Judging from the blog entries that are coming into my inbox lately, the thing to do is to look back on the events of the past year. Normally, I don't mensch about a lot of personal stuff on here, but what the hey, it's just after midnight on January 1, and I'm getting drunk, so what the hey.

First off, I made my return to the DSI Comedy Theater tonight after a more-than-a-month absence, for what that's worth. We hada a New Year's Extravaganza, starting off with an all-star ComedySportz that I voiced. That went fairly well. I was happy with my stupid little joke, and was pleased with my nickname for Rene "Sweeter than candy from a Pez toy" Duquesnoy. The rest of the night went well for the theater; it was packed, there were two good Mr. Diplomat sets, a local band called The Never played (and they were really good), and the gang really got into their champagne toast at midnight with a whoopin' and a hollerin'. I left soon after that; I just don't feel like I really fit in with the group. I know my contributions are appreciated by some folks, but I don't really feel I do that much. The main problem is that almost all of the people I could hang out and talk to have left, and I feel like an outsider. It's remarkably like when I was in wrestling, and really felt like a part of the family until the guys started to get famous and didn't really pal around with me much anymore; or really, it's like high school again, where I was the weird antisocial oddball, and all the cool kids were always on the other side of the courtyard looking beautiful and having fun. I'm never really that good around people who are having fun; I'm much better in small groups or alone. I wasn't very social growing up, and it just feels alien to me to be around people who are in couples and enjoying themselves, or who are comfortable floating from conversation to conversation. So anyway, I left as quietly as possible. I think I was probably pretty rude to CeCe on the way out, but I wasn't really feeling very positive or diplomatic at the moment. Sorry CeCe.

But this was supposed to be a look back at the year. There were positives and negatives, as anybody's year would have. Let's see what springs to mind. I'll try to look at it with rose-coloured glasses in a sunny light.
In no particular order:
  1. Had eight good months of producing CageMatch at the theater. Made some great videos and had a blast doing it. Finally wound down around October due to lack of teams. Will be relaunching the show this month, but haven't psyched myself up for it yet.
  2. Started drawing regularly. Kit and I started the "I'm Sorry I'll Draw That Again" challenge, where we each promise to have a new drawing/cartoon/strip/something up every Wednesday morning. This is a good thing, as I've finally stopped procrastinating and started doing something. I usually wait til the last minute, though, and am not getting the full potential out of the exercise. I do plan on taking an art class this year to help improve my skills.
  3. Actually started selling stuff on eBay and clearing out the back room, so I can use it as an art/video studio.
  4. Bought a ridiculously powerful mac with a ridiculously huge monitor so I can do better video projects.
  5. Started working with PT on "Telegraph Road", a tv series he was interested in making. He viewed it as a comedy, but I convinced him to steer it into a more dramatic realm, and it's shaping up to be a very interesting project. We hope to premiere it towards the end of the year.
  6. Filmed a speaking part in a wrestling documentary. is telling the story of my old wrestling promotion, OMEGA. It was nice to go back to the Southern Pines National Guard Armoury and put on the old Scott Sullivan suit. I'll be all over the dvd, introducing all the principals. I didn't get to tell nearly the number of stories I wanted to, and my contribution to the promotion will probably be glossed over, but it'll be a nice thing to see.
  7. Got to hang out with my buddy Jackson more often, which is a big plus in my life. Just about every Friday, we get together to drink whiskey and make art. We also need to start our own "how to" podcast on woodworking.
  8. My life plods along as steadily and as dull as ever, but some friends and family have had some unfortunate bumps in the road. Brantley's getting divorced, Jackson lost his job, my sister had some marital issues, and my father lost his job through some moral irresponsibility. Still, those people know how to live.
  9. I dated a girl from OKCupid for a little while. I thought things would be pretty nice at first, but she quickly proved to be issues-filled. Still, we played nicely together for a while until the inevitable psycho explosion happened. Amusingly enough, it came about because she was hitting on Ethan Kaye.
  10. Went to New York with the improv crew. Enjoyed the city, but got rather depressed just being around women I was attracted to that were finding amusement with other fellows. A little frustrating.
  11. Still thought about Leesa almost every day and tortured myself for losing her. She was definitely my dream girl, and I was desperately in love with her. I just didn't have the spine to stand up and tell her how much she meant to me. Jesus, it's been what, four years now? Get over it, loser.
  12. Was introduced the hilarious standup routine of Patton Oswalt. Jackson and I have elevated Patton to an almost Monty Pythonesque status. We've listened to the album a zillino times, and quote it endlessly. Have you head Oswalt's latest bon mot?
  13. My boss, the Town Manager, Cal Horton, retired. That turned out to be a bigger blow than I had thought. His daily presence really perked me up. He was always an energetic, positive person; something I envied. He was also very sincere and appreciative, and made the atmosphere at work something special. Now I just really go in and put in my time.
  14. November 2006 saw the one year anniversary of my Popular Culture Quote of the Day thingamabob. The people at work really miss it now that I don't do it consistently.
  15. Created my first character animation, which turned out remarkably well. It was a CageMatch video for The Darkness vs Night Of The Living Improv, and the animated zombies were made via a technique Jackson taught me this year: linocutting. He christined the process to be "Linomation", and we'll be using Linomation to produce the opening credits for "Telegraph Road."
  16. Ethan, Corey, and Dave all moved to New York City. I wish I had their daring and their willingness to reach for their dreams. I'm particularly envious of Corey's consistently positive attitude and dedication to improving himself. He's going to go far with skills like that.
  17. Made a fool of myself a couple of times trying to flirt with women from the theater. Maybe more than a couple of times.
  18. Discovered the wonderful BBC show "QI" featuring an old favourite, Stephen Fry, and discovered the delightfully simple Alan Davies. Made Alan Davies t-shirts for a few selected friends.
  19. Began the daunting task of listening to all seven (?) years of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again in a row. Funny, funny stuff. Jack Benny is next.
  20. Felt very old.
Twenty is a good place to stop. Nice and round. Oh, and for no good reason, here's the joke I used tonight: "My uncle Bert has been doing some home improvement. He built a new deck, and renovated his kitchen...oh, and he put a second floor on the house. But that's another story."

I stole that from ISIRTA.

Anyway, I'm turning the comments off for this post. I'm not really sure why I'm even posting this whiney little diatribe, but it would just be embarrassing to see well-meaning "we like you" responses posted on here. I'm stuck.