Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I suck.

I didn't finish my ISIDTA strip for this week. The weird thing is, I started much earlier than I normally do for the weekly project; I had the script done on Sunday, did sketches and layouts on Monday, and then when Tuesday came, it just took much longer to do everything than I thought it would. The lettering and panel layout alone took two hours. (And of course, the letters smeared badly in one place; hopefully I can clean it up in Photoshop.)

Anyway, I hope to somehow have the thing done tonight. I'm going to try and do pencils at lunchtime and ink it after work. It's not going to be quite as grand as I had hoped; the time crunch is just working against me. I also have to create a CageMatch video tonight for debut tomorrow. I have NO idea what that is going to be. First things first.

Anyway, I have uploaded some work-in-progress pictures for your amusement here. If you click through the pics one-by-one instead of using the slideshow feature, you can see my comments about each image. More later. Hopefully.

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