Friday, January 26, 2007

ISIDTA 11: Midnight:30 semifinal

ISIDTA 11: Midnight:30 inks
Originally uploaded by TedHobgood.
Better late than never, I guess. The week just got crazy, too many demands on my time, and I got a bit stressed. You should've seen the hand in the final panel; I didn't notice until after I inked it, but it was about 80% too small. Amazing. I fixed it as best I could in photoshop.

I wish I could've made it much more detailed, with shadows of the slats in the blinds coming into the room, and more whitelining. Maybe later. The project just ended up involving much more work than I thought it would.

This was intended to be done in the layout style of the old drama Sunday comics like The Phantom or Mary Worth. I was also trying to do a good balance with the black, grey, and white fills, althought that was rushed as well.

You can see the full strip here.
You can see assorted sketches and pencils and whatnot here.
Kit was on time with his entry here.

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Kit said...

whew! nifty story start! i do like the shadow play regardless of amount of extra details like matching the shadows to inside the room etc.

The blood on the wrist immediately made me think of Sin City.