Friday, January 26, 2007

CageMatch 1-25-07

We had another CageMatch last night, The Darkness against Four String Samurai. It was wonderful to see Bret and Chris back; seems like they haven't been around in a while. And Ryan came back to coach them, which was EXTRA-cool. And Megan came with Ryan, so it was a wonderful night of reunions.

The video was a rush job, all done in one day, on my lunch hour and after work at Armadillo, with a little surreptitious photo-editing at work. I used "Darkness" by Human League for the first bit, which worked out quite nicely. The intro part for the Samurai segment was "Heartbeat Dragon" by Jake Shimabukuro, which I included for Paul's benefit, as it is played on a ukelele. The video finishes up with some stock radio music. The new Samurai logo is made from a cover to an old Flash comic I found on Easynews. It amused me.

The promo video for the show can be viewed here.
The team logo for Four String Samurai can be seen here.

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