Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ISIDTA 7 : Christmas Tragedy

ISIDTA 7 : Christmas Tragedy
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Better late than never. Kit, if you're reading this later this week, please understand that there must be something wrong with the system clock on Blogger. This was posted WELL before 10:00 am this morning. And, um...don't bother reading that earlier post.

This really happened, and it gets brought up every Christmas (and usually other times during the year as well). I do tend to be a morose and worrisome fellow, as well as being amazingly literal.

This was laid out with photo references, then several sketches were made in my official ISIDTA Moleskine before I pencilled it on the Bristol in a blue Col-Erase. I inked on top of that with several different Tachikawa nibs (the 44, the 357, and the school pen for details like my grandparents). I used a nib holder my mom gave me for Christmas, one of the ones she used in art school (I love it so much more than these modern crap-pens.) Something else new this week: I used a ruler to make the house and the road straight, as well as a nice attempt at speed lines for the truck.

After I finished this, I realized I drew my hair wrong. My hair wasn't that long when I was four. I did have the ridiculous bangs, though.

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Lisa P said...

*looks around furtively*
pssssssst! Hey, Ted! Did you know you can set the time on your blog posts? Click on post options at the bottom of the screen. Hurry up and fix it. I'll distract Kit.


Corey Brown said...

I'll have mine done when I get back to work on Wed.

Sad thing not owning a scanner.