Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ISIDTA 8: Pixellated Geekery

This week's I'm Sorry I'll Draw That Again was inspired by one of our correspondents, the lovely young Katy, who writes "Please incorporate more video game nerdiness into ISIDTA next time. kthx." Well here you go, peachy princess! This is probably a little earlier in videogame history than you anticipated, but it is definitely video game nerdiness.

First, check out the strip here. Then come back and we'll talk about it.

Done? Good. So this is another episode of True Tales of Ted. Ray really did play that game all night, and every time he comes to visit, I still suggest we go to Sal's Pizza. There's nothing wrong with Sal's; it's one of the best restaurants in town. Amazing lasagna. The buffet is beyond compare. Ray's stomach was just rumbly that night. We still joke about it though.

As it turns out, the story is not 100% accurate. Apparently the "Laser Blasters" patch is awarded if you get a mere 100,000 points. You can see a picture of the patch here. If you got the million points mentioned in the story, you got this patch, which reflects just how disappointing the achievement is.

This was drawn on Bristol using my mom's old artschool nib holder, with a Tachikawa G Pen which is amazing but takes some control, and a Tachikawa School Pen for the fine details. I keep forgetting to mention a good tool tip I read about somewhere and now use all the time: you can clean your nibs by washing off the excess ink with warm water, and then spraying them with Windex to rub off the dried ink. Works like a charm.

Anyway, the pencils were done with a blue Col-Erase. I used the new inclined drawing board that I bought last week at Jerry's Artarama's year-end sale. I started the strip using this manga ink I bought at Jerry's, but that stuff dries almost immediately on the pen and gums it up, so I finished with trusty Speedball. The panels and lettering were done in Freehand. Laser Blast really sucks.

You can see detail from the piece here. There's an inside joke there that only Ray will get. (Ray: post a comment here if you get it.)

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Rasalom said...

Hooooooo-ah, the Laser Blast story! Man, while I was reading the setup I caught a peek at the first panel and thought "Dude, there's a good chance that's supposed to be me". And so it was. The sad part is, it's not all that unflattering a portrait.

Very nice work, despite the slight liberty with the truth taken in the last panel. But that's a story for another day...

Rasalom said...

Oh, and it took me a while to find the exact detail with the inside joke you meant, but it was worth it. The crowning nerdery of the day - good thing fold'n'wedge has given way to point'n'click.