Monday, January 22, 2007

Live Video Game

This is a pretty amazing video. It's from a Japanese show called Sasuke, which is a physical challenge show that makes things like Fear Factor look like a school dance. (BTW, I think Fear Factor is a pretty dumb show, and only watched it when my friends were on it.) Sasuke, in true Japanese style, is bigger, wilder, and more dramatic than anything American tv can put out on its own. Sasuke features a multi-stage obstacle course which is like no other obstacle course you've ever seen. Only two people have ever been able to complete it, and this video shows one of them, Makoto Nagano.

Watching Nagano go through this course is like watching a live, 3D version of a videogame like Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia. The obstacles are contrived and impossible, and Nagano goes through them like someone is precisely controlling his movements with flicks of the joystick and presses of the buttons. It's truly amazing to watch.

Sasuke is no relation to The Great Sasuke, who is pretty damn cool on his own.


Remi said...

That was incredible. Thanks for sharing. That guy has incredible athleticism (including an upper body gifted by the gods themselves) along with spatial awareness that's just unreal. Lot's of "WHAT THE . . . !?!?!" moments.

I was disappointed that the final challenge was just a fast-climb.

Kit said...

I actually got tense at the moment he's trying to do that last swing from the sliding bar to the mat-platform. He kept trying to swing, and when he swung back, the bar moved further away. Oh man, that guy's awesome.

Ted said...

Nagano needs to be in "Precinct B13 II"!!!

(Remi; check out "Precinct B13"; you'll love it. Ask PT. It's like $10 in the Blockbuster used section.)