Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ISIDTA 9: The Sensational Intelligent Simian

ISIDTA 9: RespectTheApe_final
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It's Wednesday again, and that means it's time once again for I'm Sorry, I'll Draw That Again! This week was going to be another episode of the staggeringly popular Tales From Tedland, but I was inspired to move in a slightly more shaggy direction.

The inspiration came from this page and this page. Kevin Church produces this blog I read regularly, BeaucoupKevin, and in the first post referenced here, he called for better treatment for simian characters in comic books. Les McClaine (he who produces the amazing Tintinesque Jonny Crossbones) followed up with the great picture you see in the second link.

So I was inspired to join the pro-ape bandwagon, even though my art pales next to these folks. Now, my idea of pro-ape may not be the same as the average person's idea of pro-ape, but to me, the best compliment I can give a gorilla is to make him into one of my favourite characters, a pro wrestler. To accentuate the positivity of the character (and the wrestltivity), I garbed him in the mask of a legendary wrestler, The Intelligent Sensational Destroyer.

I was fairly happy with this drawing, at least at this primitive stage of my art experience. The body is too small for the legs, and the head could be bigger, but I was very happy with the facial expression and the fur rendering. The fists could be bigger, but their pose is good. I had plans for feet, but I ran out of room on the page.

I did the colour in Photoshop using a method from the first part of a GREAT tutorial from Melissa Clifton. The initial sketch was done with a ColErase non-repro blue, then a tighter sketch with an everyday #2 pencil, then inked with the Tachikawa #44 and a School Pen for the details.

The full picture can be seen here.
The inks are here.
I really liked the sketches I made for this one, so if you'd like to see how this piece evolved, you can see poor scans of them here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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Kit said...

I guess if you're going to depict apes breaking things and smashing humans into the ground face-first, the best way to do it is by saying, "Well, it's just doing what the humans around it are doing."