Monday, November 21, 2005


Whoa, what a weekend.

Friday night saw a smooth run of ComedySportz, and then I had no responsibilities for the rest of the evening, so I decided to jet, even though everybody told me that the Mr. Diplomat show with Marc Jacobson was going to rock. I ended up standing outside with Zack Bly to chat about various things, and we were met by a panicky Zach Ward at about 9:15. It was 15 minutes to showtime, with a packed house already, and Jacobson hadn't shown. 9:20, still no Jacobson. Jon Fabris shows up and lets us know that M.J. was over at Tyler's having a good time, so I run in and tell Zach, and Zach sprints off to find the star of the show. Jacobson shows up on his own five minutes later, so I sprint off to find Zach at Tyler's. I am in horrible shape. I beat Bly down there, but I was still feeling it an hour later. Anyway, the show started off without a hitch, but was rather weird, and I ended up taking off. Not before I saw an amazing sight though; Jacobson started asking Scott Jennings how many cars he could sell. That was the first time I've ever seen Jennings at a loss for words.

Saturday saw another ComedySportz show come and go. This one had a huge attendance, due to a young little league team buying up half the theater. It was nice to have so many paid tickets, it was good for the theater. I'm not good with kids, though, and will try to avoid doing shows with them in the future. The shrieking chaos affects me. My good buddy Larry Weaver showed up to see me do my Voice thing, so that was cool. I hadn't seen him in forever, so I got Mike Bamford to take over my 9:30 tech shift (thanks Mike!) and Larry and I went to Armadillo to have a margarita and wings and talk wrestling.
I zipped back to the theater at 11:00 to catch SIC perform before donning the beard and cowboy hat to become Randy Savage for another performance of Ross White's Match Game. Let's just say we killed. It went over great, and everybody was on there game and even better than we were on Sunday. Unfortunately, Dave Siegel was sick, so we had no Ronald Reagan for me to feud with, but PT stepped up and did a John Belushi that had the crowd screaming. I loved the Walken that Jason Quinn did on Sunday, but he switched to Christopher Lloyd on Saturday and was inspired. I wish I had taken a picture of him that night, so I could make "THAT'S A MATCH!" catchphrase t-shirts. Too fun.

Match Game will return someday!

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