Friday, November 04, 2005

Rooting Around The Usual Haunts

This hasn't been the most productive week, but I've enjoyed myself. Started off the week with relatively few citizen complaints about Halloween, had Jennings wonderful class on Tuesday, Wednesday featured lunch with Alex. I had to leave ComedySportz practice halfway through due to a migraine. I went home and treated it with Burger King and an Imitrex--that kicked he migraine's ass, and mine too--I was feeling groovy and out like a light soon after.

Thursday saw my one real day off at home playing the new James Bond game, "From Russia With Love." It's okay, certainly not horrible, but not a real thriller. Seeing Sean Connery's 1960's form and hearing his elderly voice is pretty funny.

Tonight we have a smorgasbord of entertainment, as I'll be voicing for Comedysportz, with our special guests from Washington, the DC Comics. I have some good intro music planned for them, and a nice groaner joke that I made up myself. Then I'm introducing Ethan to Los Patrillo's to see if it pleases his Mexican food addiction, then back to the theater for Take The Box, then home to host Ethan and Kit in another of our wacky X-Men funfests.

Join me for the wonderfulosity.

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