Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ain't Life Grand?

Fate does not smile upon me when I take vacations.

I've been stressed out the past few months with my busy schedule, so a while ago, I decided to take the whole week after Thanksgiving off to relax and do just whatever I wanted to. Good idea, right?

Well, as luck would have it, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I got sick. I hated that, because I missed what was my favourite DSI class so far, Jennings' Level 3. Then, I *had* to go into work the next day, because there were things I had to take care of for my substitute while I was gone. So I didn't really get better. I had a grand time on Thanksgiving, but going to two events didn't exactly help out my health level. Then each night since then, I've had some sort of responsibility that I bucked up and ground through. So far, the vacation hasn't been the ducky situation I had hoped for.

To top it all off, I've been stressing about various stupid things today, and seem to have brought on an reoccurrence of a little medical problem that runs in my family, a little heart defect that makes my blood pressure shoot through the ceiling in an instant. So basically, I almost passed out while driving today, which is a bad thing. What really depresses me is that I'm going to miss a second Jennings class. Of course, as is typical with me, I feel I'm letting other people down by not being there to work as part of the group, but I'm also disappointed that I'm missing out on such a great synergistic learning experience. I really love that class.

Anyway, I guess I need to calm down and relax. That's what this week was for, right? I need to stop kicking myself for all the planned projects I've been dragging my feet on, and just enjoy myself for a change. Let's be bright and optimistic: I've gotten to watch some good movies I never had the time for before, have read some good books, and drank a lot of delicious orange juice. Time to relax, regroup, and repair.

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