Monday, November 07, 2005

I Done Good...

Strate & Coltrane
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So this weekend was fun. I voiced Comedysportz on Friday and Saturday, when we hosted the DC Comics from Washington. I edited some special entrance music for them, a Wonder Woman club mix for Friday and a jungle version of the Superman movie theme for Saturday. My work on Friday was a little shaky, but I came out of Saturday feeling really good. I obviously still have a long way to go, and the computer is ridiculously unresponsive, but overall, I think I did damn good on Saturday's show. I don't usually have a very high opinion of myself, so I guess this means something.

I was particularly happy with the presentation of the final score. I used the superschweet "Tom Sawyer" mix I edited, and leaked the scores out in a really dramatic fashion. I think it worked well, and made for an exciting ending to the show.

After the audience left, I felt a little left out when I saw the rest of the Comedysportz folks posing for group pictures, but then I just reminded myself that the Mr. Voice position is sort of an invisible helper, like the days of wrestling announcing. My job is to support the folks who are on stage, and add a garnish to what's actually being visually presented. I actually enjoy that sort of role generally, as I love helping people. It does feel a little empty sometimes, though, when you feel left out of things. Fortunately, all was made well a few minutes later, when I made a point to seek out the DC folks and say goodbye to them. They all complimented me on my voicing and thanked me for my contribution the the show. That made it all worthwhile, and really made me feel great. A little pat on the back goes a long way with me.

So Saturday CSz rocked. Friday, I took some pictures of the fun Take The Box! show, as seen here. After the show on Saturday, I went out to Fenario to hang out with Jackson and Beth, and we drank lots, laughed like fools at Hee Haw and MST3K, and Jackson and I sang acoustic guitar versions of old tv themes. Sweet.

Sunday saw me and Brantley geek out on the Xbox, killing trolls and Beholders. Then Manders called me up, and she, PT, and I headed over to Ethan's to hang out, eat at California Pizza Kitchen, and walk around Ethan's gated community, enjoying his wealthy kingdom, identifying stars, and trying to come up with song titles for all the numbers from one to ten.

And we're going to Kentucky.

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Lee Creighton, Ph.D. said...

I was there. You done great!