Thursday, November 10, 2005

Far, Far Too Funny

So I wasn't going to do an improv-related post today after yesterday's marathon essay on Jennings' class, but a few moments from last night's ComedySportz practice have to be shared.

Jason Quinn was ON. He absolutely KILLED on "Chameleon". I wish Jason could've seen Corey's face while he was doing the "envious guy in a kitchenware store" bit. Corey was positively losing it when Jason was dramatically pleading to become a useful, happy spatula instead of the pitiful "ladle with holes in it". Just tremendous.

But by far the funniest moment of the night, and yes, the funniest moment EVER on the DSI stage, was when Corey, Amanda, and Rogers were playing "Mirror, Mirror". The "evil" team had just tried to kill an old man when Zach blew his whistle to switch in the "good" team. Corey immediately screamed out "let's save him!" and began doing chest compressions. Amanda, to Corey's left, started giving mouth to mouth. Problem was, Rogers thought the old man was laying the other way, and he started giving mouth to mouth too.

Think about it for a moment.

The explosion of laughter was roof-shattering. I loved the way Amanda was doubled over on the side of the stage when she realized what was going on.

Family-friendly? No. But it was rehearsal, it wasn't intentional, and it was a perfect comedic moment.

As I said afterwards, at least the old guy had something to live for.

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Lisa P said...

I just came dangerously close to having to explain to my boss why I was laughing like a fool at the GE bill, which is what I am supposed to be working on right now.