Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Odd-Numbered Innings Are The Ice Innings

Okay, so I had my first Jennings class tonight. I was all worried about it, because I haven't liked my improv skills lately, and was not progressing well (although Sunday's performance did rock). I had thought about quitting improv all together for a while there. And I was worried that I wouldn't like Jennings' style; people have told me he's critical, and I can easily be damaged by rough criticism.

Well, I'm glad I didn't quit improv. This class rocked. Jennings is critical, but he does it in a very helpful way. You can really tell he cares about you improving, and his comments are helpful and not barbed. The dynamic of this class is great too; the group seems to mesh well. There's the old gang of Lisa, Jason Quinn, Megan Stein, and Jake, and we're joined by Kit (which rocks--love working with Kitters) and two guys I'm meeting for the first time, Nick and Dino, both of whom seem really cool.

We did some great exercises, some fabulous two-person scenes, and we danced. I learned to make eye contact, did slow motion kung-fu with Kit, and smacked Jake (who was really cool about it). Megan and I totally clicked on the "stare into the other person's eyes and guess what they're thinking" bit. All in all, I am frightfully excited about the prospects of this fine class.

PS: the title of this posting comes from Jake and Dino's hi-fucking-larious baseball scene.

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