Thursday, November 10, 2005

PCQOTD 11-10-05

The Popular Culture Quote of the Day : Novermber 10, 2005

So this is something I've been doing at work for over a year now. I have a little lucite frame on my desk, and each day I slip in a printed card with the PCQOTD on it. People make a point to come by my desk and try and identify the unattributed quote.

The quotes are probably far too easy for the type of person who would bother to read my blog, as they're intended for a general audience in a municipal building, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them anyway. Gives you a reason to check Ted's blog each day. The PCQOTD is carefully chosen so that it has a good chance of being accessible to a wide variety of people from a wide age range. It can be from any facet of popular culture, film, television, song, celebrity, politics, commercials. Perhaps, if folks are interested, I'll do a special, additional PCQOTD just for the blog, that would be a bit more of a challenge to identify.

With that in mind, here is today's official Popular Culture Quote of the Day. This is actually a little more difficult than the average one, since everybody's been getting them correct all week!

"You cannot break the spirit of a Winchester."

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alex said...

Well, you can torture me with your thrice daily swill...

but I'll not reveal the source of your quote.