Monday, November 21, 2005


The weekend continued with a Sunday dinner at Oh Brian's. Attendees were Amanda, PT, Ethan, and yours truly. We determined that we need to produce a show starring an anime form of Amanda, that PT should be a farmer with Tourette's Syndrome who has sex with his animals and is upset that his goat won't eat cans, and that Ethan's idea of heaven is to have sex with a woman while playing guitar, watching Scrubs, and eating ribs. (Failing that, he'll just have sex with the ribs.) Amanda won't eat free salad but still got a mint, PT's leftovers look like a pig trough, and Ethan slipped into a beef coma.

So we're going to Kentucky to see a wild west gunfight, a bottomless pit, Jesus in wax, and can-can dancers who show off their crotches. (Sorry, Amanda!)

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