Thursday, March 29, 2007

ISIDTA 20 : Three Square Meals (A Day)

A day late. Sue me.

Kit and I are starting a new daily strip, alternating back and forth every day of the week except for ISIDTA Wednesday. The title of this new venture (which we came up with on the spur of the moment) is Three Square Meals (A Day) and features the witticisms of two buddies who just happen to be a cheeseburger and a leg of chicken. So stay tuned for punny hijinks. Please add us to your RSS feed or check out the strip every day here.


Jackson Hall said...

Props, fellas. Good stuff.

Rasalom said...

Oh dear.

Are you Bunny or Sharkey?

Ted said...

I would be Bunny. Not sure how that worked out.

Kit said...

I spoke first during that Night Attack when Bly(?) said that it was The Bunny and Sharkey Show.

"Hey, Bunny!" says I.
"Hey, Sharkey!" says you.

And so we learn the age-old lesson: First come, first served.