Friday, March 16, 2007

Scott Sullivan Returns To Wrestling

I've been asked to do a charity wrestling show back in my old Omega stomping grounds of Moore County. I met a guy at Matt Hardy's Christmas party who is a promoter and wrestler, and he said he loved my work and would like me to come down and do a show for him. A couple of my old Omega buddies will be working the show, including Marty "Cham Pain" Garner and a man I haven't seen in a decade, "The Nomad" Christian York. Christian was Joey Mercury's tagteam partner for years before Joey (who used to be Joey "The Future" Matthews) went to the WWE and became part of MNM. He's a great guy, and I had really hoped he could've made it to the bigtime with Joey. It'll be great to see him again. I think Jeff and Shannon will be making an appearance as well, although not wrestling. (Hmm...I wonder if Willow Tha Whisp will make an unscheduled appearance? He is unpredictable...)

The show will take place next Friday, March 23rd at the Union Pines High School in Cameron, NC. I'm not sure what the belltime is...maybe 7:00? I'm still waiting for the full details. Come on by and see Ted in the ring, and enjoy plenty of great rasslin' action!


Corey Brown said...

AWESOME! Sorry I won't be able to make it down for the event. If you can get an audio recording I'd love to be able to listen to it.

Remi said...

Man, if I left right from work, I could just make it. That would be awesome.