Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ISIDTA 18 - Richie Rich Redo

ISIDTA 18 - Richie Rich Redo
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So this week, Kit and I decided to each try and reimagine a classic cartoon character. After flipping through my encyclopedia of cartoon characters, we semi-randomly selected Mr. Richie Rich. I was terribly amused to see how each of us decided to approach the character. I went pimptacular. I thought my Richie was okay, but I was quite happy with Gloria the ho.

This whole thing was done pretty quickly, maybe two hours for the whole project? Richie's right hand sucks, but when I tried to touch it up, I had the same "ink running all over the goache" problem that I did back in ISIDTA 12. I also had to touch up Gloria's left hand and cleavage area, but that came out much cleaner.

See the full pic here and the inks here.
Kit's Richie Rich Redo is here. WARNING: Kit FitzSimons is a horrible, horrible person, and did something horrendous and hilarious for his cartoon.
My old ISIDTAs remain here.

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Kit said...

He'd better watch out; he's standing in the middle of the road and I see a car coming. Perhaps this picture is "The End of Richie Rich."