Friday, March 16, 2007

Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh

I adore this thread. It's a bunch of people reimagining members of the Justice League.

Highlights include this link that shows how a guy drew his version of Batman in Illustrator. I wish I could save it and watch it over and over again!

I also love thissun, thissun, and thissun.

All courtesy of this very fun and inspiring drawing site, which I have only barely begun to explore.

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Mr. B said...


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything that you've introduced in this post.
I love that site.
I love that thread.
And I Love the movie of that Batman drawing.

I saw about a dozen images there that I REALLY want on a t-shirt, someday!
Ah well. I can dream!

Great post, man! Great post!