Sunday, April 01, 2007

Things That I Watch That You Don't, Part 2

I like a lot of lighthearted film from the Thirties and Forties. In general, I don't know a lot about movies. Also in general, I don't watch movies unless they have lasers or superheroes in them, but I make an exception for classics from the Golden Age of Cinema.

It was through the film Stormy Weather that I discovered the amazingness of Harold and Fayard, The Nicholas Brothers. They're everything I wish I was: handsome, talented, physically fit, and entertaining. In this clip from Stormy Weather, you can see what Fred Astaire called "the greatest tap scene ever filmed." I've seen it a dozen times, but keep noticing something new to be entertained by. The most spectacular part is the bit on the stairs (just but upon watching the clip on YouTube, I noticed for the first time they dance amongst the orchestra, they're actually throwing their legs over the musicians.

Plus, you get my favourite big band guy, Cab Calloway, starting the whole thing off.

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