Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ISIDTA 17 : Reading, Rhythm, and RED

Okay, this is one of those ISIDTAs where you should probably go read the strip first, and then come back here and read the notes. So go read it!

Did you read it? Good.

Long story. Basically, my buddy Jackson trimmed his beard down to a little strip, and some of his friends said he looked like a communist. I said he looked like a jazz musician, and so we christened him "Comrade Jazzman". Then we got on some weird tangent about how I hated grapefruit, and Jackson slipped into the Comrade Jazzman character, and said basically what's in the first word balloon in panel three. And obviously, it all had to be immortalized in comic form.

Postscript: this was all done with my pad in my lap as Kit and I sat around the living room. I even inked it with the pad in my lap. Jackson will be pleased to know that, while working in these cramped conditions, I managed to spill whiskey on the bristol board.

Kit's ISIDTA contributions for this week AND LAST WEEK are guaranteed to be found here.
My past crap is here.

Postscript 2: Kit asks me to remind you that those are grapefruit, and NOT BREASTS.

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Jackson Hall said...

Hilarious. I am glad you could use all of the jazz revolutionary poses.