Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PCQOTD : 5-9-06

"No time to wallow in the mire."

"I'll satisfy your every need and I now know you will satisfy me"


Rasalom said...

P: "Light my fire"
E: Some Rolling Stones thing or 'nother

Ben Moser said...

The connection, then, is "dead in a bathtub." It's how they found Jim Morrison and how they will find Keith Richards.

Ted said...

Correct identifications of the quotes; could perhaps use a slight bit more specificity.

The offered Connection is, sadly enough, incorrect; mainly because Keith Richards will not die in a bathtub, he will just suddenly decay into dust, like a mummy.

Andi said...

or like a vampire on Buffy? Is Keith Richards really a vampire?

I'd believe it.

Ben Birken said...

Well, i can chime in on the specificity issue. E is from the Stones' "Let's Spend the Night Together."

I'll get the Batcomputer working on a connection as soon as I can get it cranked up.

Ben Birken said...

Wait! I need no Batcomputer! Both were pseudo-censored on the Ed Sullivan show!!! If I had to guess a year, I would say 1966 or 1967.

Point to Mr. Birken!!!

Ted said...

Excellent, Mr. Birken! That is PRECISELY what we here at PCQHQ were looking for!

Since others had previously started to identify segments of the PCQOTD, there will be no point awarded, but your accurate Connection identification is definitely deserving of a gold star.

Kit said...

Ben's married to Lisa now!

Lisa P said...

Wait! Which Ben? Not that it matters, since they're both hawt, but I just want to know which one to ravage.