Monday, May 15, 2006

PCQOTD : 5-15-06

"The truth is out there."

"Now dat's the kinda day where you can't opem yo mouf widout a song jumpin right out of it!"


Ben Moser said...

P: X-Files
E: Song of the South
C: Foxes, as in Brer Fox and Fox Mulder

Ted said...

Damn! That was fast! I knew I should've made some veiled reference to Basil Brush instead of Song of the South!

Point to Mr. Moser, as well as a gold star for being amazingly swift and specifically accurate.

Kit said...

Remind me to give you a copy of "Song of the South." Sadly, I don't have it in DVD format, but you can watch it happily on your computer.

Ted said...

Please do. I would love that.