Monday, May 01, 2006

Last Week's CageMatch Promo

Better late than never!

I've finally gotten the promo for LAST week's CageMatch with The Pride vs Siegel-Prov uploaded. It was a hectic week for me, and I didn't finish the piece until about fifteen minutes before I had to leave for the theater on Saturday. We did get to play the video before the show, and the audience loved it. A host of Siegel-Prov supporters roared when they saw the first appearance of Dave (and I'm told that Bret roared at that moment as well, for the amusing scripture reference.)

It was a great episode of CageMatch. Dave and Dan put on an inspired show, The Pride rocked on even with three out of their seven members absent, and we have NEW CageMatch champions! Stay tuned later this week for a new promo video (hopefully on time this time!) and plan on showing up this Saturday for what promises to be an incredible explosion as Siegel-Prov takes on the challenge of Papa Fibonacci!

Download the promo on Powerbomb.

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Ted said...

If anybody tried this earlier, the link on the resulting page was wrong, and sent you to the 4/22 video. It has been fixed. L'Chaim.