Monday, May 08, 2006

PCQOTD : 5-8-06

"There's a little Tuttle in all of us."


"The best to you each morning."


Ben Moser said...

P: Saved by the Bell
E: Kelloggs
C: Saturday morning

Ted said...

Kellogg's, yes. Saved By The Bell, no. There will never be a Saved By The Bell quote on these hallowed pages.

Ben Moser said...

Ted. You wound me.

Ben Birken said...

Saved by the Bell? I think not. Methinks its a line from a classic M*A*S*H epdisode. The connection still escapes me, though.

Tom Barbour said...

Captain Tuttle was a fictional Captain on MASH

Kellogg's makes breakfast cereals.

One of the most popular breakfast cereals features a lil' mustachioed gentleman that goes by the name Cap'n Crunch.

Tuttle and Crunch are both fictional Captains.

Ted said...

It is indeed a line from a classic M*A*S*H episode, regarding a fictional captain. (Hawkeye made up Captain Tuttle to receive praise for giving to the orphanage, rather than take the credit himself.) Whilst Cap'n Crunch is indeed a fictional captain as well (or perhaps a fictional "Cap'n") the Connection has more to do with Kellogg's as a whole, rahter than a specific cereal.

Tom Barbour said...

Kellogg's is headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan.

M*A*S*H*'s subject matter is about a major battle.

Both are centered around battles

Ted said...

OO! OO! So VERY close, Tommy! Battle Creek, Michigan is INDEED the Connection. Kellogg's is headquartered there, and it's also the hometown of the fictional Captain Tuttle. Radar suggested Tuttle be from Attumwa, Iowa, but Hawkeye said they already had enough to be proud of.

Lisa P said...

You are an evil genius, Hobgood. Namaste.