Sunday, May 21, 2006

CageMatch Promo for 5-20-06

It's Siegel-Prov vs Sumo, better late than never! (I finished this one about five minutes before ComedySportz on Saturday.)

Available on Powerbomb.

There's a summary page of all the CageMatches to date here. I plan on prettyfying this page, and including information about the music I used, amusing tidbits about the videos, and so on.


Corey Brown said...

Nice job on the image merge for the Sumo pics. Really nice.

Ted said...

Thank you sir. The method I was using for this one reduces the lines of the face to black and white---perfect for this sort of Japanese scroll art. When I did Austin's face, it looked pretty good, but there was something missing, something that got lost in the b&w reduction. So I used the eyedropper to pick up the reddish-brown from the wrestler's mawashi, and painted in Austin's facial birthmark--HAH! (I think it looks pretty authentic to the style!)