Thursday, May 18, 2006

PCQOTD : 5-18-06

"Sufferin' succotash!"

Erudite With Spurious Connection:

"Let those who worship evil's might beware my power."

Ridiculously Obscure Erudite:
"And remember, keep smiling!"


Kit said...

P: Sylvester Q. Pussycat
EWSC: Green Lantern
ROE: Bugs Bunny vs the Easter Bunny

P-EWSC Connestion: Oaths (pun! Yay, Sketch!)
P-ROE Connestion: Looney Tunes

Ted said...

Correct P and EWSC. For the ROE: was that really said in Bugs Bunny vs The Easter Bunny? Weird...anyway, I'm looking for the original source, where it was an oft-repeated catchphrase. Wasn't a cartoon.

Oaths? Whaaa?

Kit said...

You mean that wasn't the connestion? When Sylvester utters a curse (aka an oath), he says, "Thufferin Thuccotash". When Green Lantern utters an oath, he says "blah blah evil blah blah power."

As for Mel Blanc, but it's 'The Happy Postman' from Burns & Allen. And yes, the Easter Bunny cartoon was a parody of that character.

Ted said...

No, I wasn't thinking of oaths...your mind is more clever than mine, fair graduate. There is a much cheesier Connection there.

You have nailed the obscure Connection, Mel Blanc as both The Happy Postman and Sylvester.

Point to Mr. FitzSimons.

Ethan said...

Succotash is green (lima beans) and yellow (corn).

Green Lantern's ring is green and does not work on the color yellow.

Kit said...

Succotash is corn + lima beans, thus a mix of yellow and green that is associated here with suffering, thus connesting to Green Lantern's various entanglements with yellow villains.

Kit said...

damn you,

Ted said...

Close enough,! Both Sylvester and Green Lantern have a weakness for yellow.