Monday, December 05, 2005

Too Much Information

You might want to pay attention to the title of this entry. It's about naughty bits.

So it truly may be too much information, but what the hell, it's my blog and this is a subject that interests me, so if you don't like talking about naughty girlie bits, then feel free to skip this particular entry.

My ex-girlfriend was terribly ashamed of her large, protruding labia minora. She even went so far as to say she wanted to get surgery to have them made to look "normal, like everybody else's". I pleaded with her to never ever do that, because I thought they were lovely, sexy, unique, and loved to pay a whole lot of attention to them (leading to a whole lot of orgasms for her; yay!) Anyway, I was amused when I found this website devoted to that self-same subject.

This leads me to feel that I need to state how sad it makes me when women feel bad about how they look, even when they have someone who is ravenously appreciative of their appearance. In the aforementioned case with the ex-girlfriend, she was *gorgeous*, *incredible*, and drop-dead *attractive*. She was, as I stated quite often, "my dream girl". She was a 4'10" Korean girl with a really cool tattoo, interesting piercings, kissable lips, gorgeous hair, and the warmest smile I've ever seen. When she let her guard down and let herself be truly happy, her eyes shone and my heart melted; she was that beautiful. But she hated the way she looked. She wanted to be taller, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and *white*. This almost brought me to tears. Why look like everybody else? Why not be proud of being uniquely beautiful?

The mass media sucks, basically. We have Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson and generic cheerleaders shoved down our throats on 127 cable channels twenty-four hours a day. Barbie is in every little girl's home, and even Barbie's "ethnic friends" are basically the same doll with a differently dyed shade of plastic. If you're asian, black, short, or big, you have precious few images to reach out and beam over. I have my Masters in Popular Culture, and while that sounds fairly laughable, it is a serious range of study that encompasses sociology, anthropology, media studies, and a host of other diciplines. Within that framework, we spent some time looking at how the media affected the self-image of people who consumed television shows, magazines, and the like. My friend Wendy focussed in on Barbie dolls and how they twisted little girls' minds to hate their own diverse and unique body types and yearn to be thinner, bustier, blonder, and tanner. This is exactly what happened to my lovely little Leesa, and it pissed me off. I spent a lot of time trying to help her see through my eyes, and recognize how amazingly attractive she was. None of it seemed to help in the end.

Okay, this post started off with the intent of being a proclamation of how I like porn, and it changed into a condemnation of anorexic supermodels and a cry for diversity. Strange how life works. (Or maybe just strange how my twisted mind works.)

Welcome to Tedland. No idea how long we'll remain open.

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