Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So this cracks me up to no end. This London designer came up with an idea for a bedside table that transforms into a club and shield in case people break into your flat. Yes, a table that becomes a club and shield. Should you wake up in the middle of the night, and you hear a strange sound coming from the garden window, just sweep your copy of the Times crossword puzzle and that half-empty glass of Orange Quosh off the table next to your bed, and quickly don your trusty shield and wield your mighty truncheon. Defend your castle like the knight you always dreamt you might one day be, if the rigid class system didn't continually remind you that you were dead common.

No mention was made whether or not you need to make a 1d20 saving throw against a toff with a revolver.

Get the full scoop here.


Kit said...

I've been staring at this for days, and it finally struck me what I'd felt was so strange:

Is it just me or does it look like the guy is actually lying on the shadow of the vampire?

Ted said...

Well, ya see, that's how he knew to leap up and use his transforming shieldtable, 'cause he felt the cold hush of the vampiric shadow looming over him. Or something.