Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Japanese Weirdness

I felt like doing a post today other than the PCQOTD, but couldn't find anything particularly original or thrilling on today's blogs. So instead, I bring you an old favourite of mine: Save Tobby. In this nutty little game from the Toshiba Company of Japan, you are a dog. Operating a crane. Your lovely girlfriend (who looks just like you, but has a bow in her hair) has been captured by that most evil of scoundrels, a bulldog. Your mission: to drop bones, hearts, diamonds, and other knickknacks into the sewer pipes. Why? Well, just complete the game for the explanation. The crane will slide back and forth, carrying the item. Just click nywhere in the window to make it let go. Carom off the walls if you want to. Just don't let the bulldog catch the item! (Or do let him; that's funny sometimes. His facial expressions are hilarious.) Have fun, and for chrissake, SAVE TOBBY!!!

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