Friday, December 30, 2005

Japanese Street Magic

Two things I really like are Japan and magic, and I recently stumbled across a video that combines the two. Apparently, the fellow in this video is a famous Japanese magician, and one day he decided to wander around the streets and seriously freak people out. He must be a flexible fellow; I wonder if Kit Fitzsimons can learn to do this?


Corey Brown said...

That head looks fake.

Sorry TED! But Kit isn't fake.

Ted said...

Kit is indeed not fake, but he is certainly unreal. (In a "wow, that's unreal!" sense.)

And actually, that's the guy's real face. He's just an odd-looking guy. The trick is actually a classic magic bit, done by wearing a long coat with a false shoulder framework and special slits down the side. The magician basically just squats suddenly, contorts his body, and drops his head down through a slit in the shirt. Done well (as this guy does) it's startlingly realistic.