Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Wrapup

Well that was a good vacation. We got Thursday, Friday, and Monday off for the holidays, and I relaxed. Did the ComedySportz show on Friday, which was okay. Had some audio troubles at the top of the show. (Here's a ip: don't fire up WinAmp before firing up Mr. Voice, or chaos will ensue.) Afterwards, watched the first half of Mr. Diplomat and then took off with Mr. Kaye to hang out at his house. Actually, I practically moved in with Ethan, as we hung out before and after the show on Friday, then watched MST3K at Ethan's on Saturday with Bly and Kit, and then headed back to Ethan's on Christmas to watch Andy Kaufmann and kill things with EK and PT.

Had a decent Christmas day; went over early to spend time with mom and open oodles of presents (which were appreciated by both sides). My sister didn't show up on time, so we said "fuck it" and just ate without them. (They had just had breakfast right before they came over. Eh.) I got lots of books and dvds, and fake barbed wire from mom. And I also got "The Nature Boy" Ric Bear, as pictured above. Too, too funny.

I spent Monday watching selections from the third volume of the Warner Brothers Golden Collection cartoon dvds and eating a turkey sandwich which made me sleepy.

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