Monday, December 12, 2005


I think this is hilarious. Poetry so easily falls into the realm of the pretentious, and combining it with old-school videogames makes it fabulously pretentious.

So iFilm has a clip of what purports to be a "Video Game Poetry Slam", where geeky fellows wax on in dulcet tones about their favourite retro games. Feast your ocular organs on this sample text, about the game "Joust":

"the clicking hooves of the black knight’s
demon ostrich bang like gavels on your guts
as he canters slowly towards you,
with those fucked up white eyes,
like something totally alien lives behind the shell of his human form,
his blue silhouette"

Article about the Game Poetry.

The iFilm page of the movies.


Kit said...

Your girdle-crushing, skewsome feet
shall never more touch maiden fair.
I've leapt your ev'ry barrel rolled
and smashed each blob with flaming hair.
You thought I'd never find you out,
but god, how stupid would I be
to miss the purse and parasol
and party hat she left for me?
Your ladders did betray your trust
and gave me access to your perch.
I've chased you to the furthest ends.
I'll leave you cag'ed in the lurch.
Now home you'll go, o wretched kong;
I'll keep you safely under wraps.
And if your rescue squad's deployed?
I hope your son likes croco-traps.

Ted said...

Kit Fitzsimons is a genius and a I want to grow up to be just like him.