Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lionel Richie's Clay Head

Sometimes I'm amazed at what one can find on the internet.

So I'm watching this BBC2 show I downloaded, "QI", a sort of erudite quiz program hosted by a favourite of mine, Stephen Fry. The show frequently decays into comedic chaos, and this episode was no exception. One of the members of the panel told some long drawn-out story about Barbara Cartland, suggesting that she wore so much makeup that one would have to claw their way through the layers of paint to get to her true face. He then added, as a bit of a coda, "like the clay Lionel Richie." Nobody on the show knew what the hell he was talking about, and it wasn't explained, so I did a quick search for "clay head lionel richie" on Google and came up with, among other things, THIS little gem:

Building Lionel Richie's Clay Head

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gogogadam said...

That's hilarious !!