Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fire Up The Generator, Scotty.

I like "generators", those little web page widgets and doohickies that randomly create plots or characters or whatnot. I've written a few wrestling-related ones myself, most notably the Randominator, which randomly generates names of wrestling moves. There's a zillion generator pages out there, and they're always fun to trip across. This blog lists a new generator every day or so, and here's a few I found there, along with my results.

Acronym Generator
Apparently, Ted stands for "Tyrannical, Elementary Dinosaur". I'm insulted.

This Lame Toy Generator is amusing. Remind me of some of the wonderful stuff I've gotten at Wootini (which is NOT lame!)

And apparently, my Masturbation Euphemism of choice is "Pleasing Richard". Has a nice ring to it.



Jeff said...

You've forgotten the most important generator of all: the Garfield strip randomizer.

More often than not, the random results are much funnier than an actual Garfield comic. It's like a cross between a Turing test and Choose your own adventure.

Ted said...

Sizzy, that is HILARIOUS. Endless fun...

And it makes just as much sense as a regular Garfield strip.

Kit said...

On the Lame Toy Generator...I would buy the full "Tiger Style" figure.

Jeff said...



Lisa P said...

I am disappointed that the Random Masturbation Synonym Generator seems to be male centric. I want a euphemism, damn it!

Jeff said...

Pour Lisa:

Paddling the Gondola
Storming the Fortress
Punching the Clown
Feeding the Clam
Stashing Jewlrey in the Safe Deposit Box
Ameliorating the Axe Wound
Chicken Fingers in the Dipping Sauce
Warming up the Car

...and those are just the ones I made up.

(Er, Ted, feel free to delete this if it's not that kind of blog [ie. Mine]).

Ted said...

Tickling the Taco
Manipulating The Man In The Boat
Bashing The Button
Flicking The Switch
Enjoying the Juicy Fruit

and one I actually dreamt up, literally, and wrote down in the morning:

Scrubbing The Poodle

(Jeff, I think this establishes what kind of blog this really is...)

Lisa P said...

I love you guys!