Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Conspicuous Consumption

So I've been meaning to do a webcomic for some time now. I really want to learn how to draw, and love the idea of putting out something weekly for people to enjoy and give me feedback on. (I love ending sentences with prepositions.) I get inspired by things occasionally, but somehow always manage to let myself get distracted before I actually produce something. I need to make a New Year's Resolution to buckle down and be artistically productive.

Anyway, the latest thing to inspire me is this online Flash program called "Strip Generator", which features a whole bunch of cool line-art characters (I love line art!) that you place into resizable panels to make your own strip. It's terribly fun, and I love the stark art style.

Here is my little five minute production, just trying out the program for the first time. Enjoy.

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