Thursday, January 26, 2006

PCQOTD : 1-26-06

"Sombody oughta hit ya. But I'm not gonna hit ya. I'm not gonna hit ya. The hell I'm not!"

"Sock it to me?"

BTW, I've started attempting to make the Plebian and Erudite quotes related in some way. Now it's a triple game: identify the source of each quote, and explain how the two are related! F'r'instance, yesterday the Plebian was Elton John's "Candle In The Wind", which was a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. The Erudite was an exchange between Jack Benny and Monroe on Benny's tv show.

Today's relationship is actually sort of a double relationship, one obvious and one a slight bit more misty.


Kit said...

Well, it's John Wayne & Dick Nixon, but I'm fuzzy on the connection. JW was on Laugh-In too...or is it a political connest?

Kit said...


Ted said...

The simple connestion, or connection even, is that both quotes reference whackin' someone. The slightly more obscure connection is, as you said, they were both unusual guests on Laugh-In (and both said "Sock it to me", although you are 100% correct in identifying the quote given here as being from Tricky Dick, as is evidenced by the inclusion of the question mark.

Ted said...

P: John Wayne in "McClintock"
E: obviously from "Laugh-In", the inclusion of the question mark makes it undeniably from Richard Nixon
C: Both were unusual guests on "Laugh-In"

Point to Mr. FitzSimons.