Thursday, January 12, 2006

How Ted's Brain Works

So I don't think most people I know realize how my brain works. I'm almost always thinking about wrestling. Well, wrestling and sex. But not together. They're separate entities in my mind. Now some people are into meshing the two, like women's wrestling in the US of A: "oo! Pull her hair! Tear her top off! Catfight! Catfiiiiight!" That doesn't interest me at all. If I want to see women's wrestling, I'll watch Gaea from Japan, which presents women's wrestling as a serious event instead of a T&A show. And if I want to see skin, I'll watch porn.

Hmm. I'm not sure how this got sidetracked into women's wrestling and porn. This started out just being a post about how I'm always thinking about wrestling. I have this dream of one day having my own Flash-animated wrestling series on the web, bringing together styles and characters and cultures from around the world into one ring to battle it out for the one true championship title. Anyway, if you see me staring blankly into space, or I'm muttering to myself while doing strange circular motions with my arms or moving my legs about like a marionette, chances are I'm thinking through a wrestling storyline or dreaming up a new finishing move. Currently, I'm working through in my mind something that starts off as a tilt-a-whirl off the ropes that ends up as a sitout cradle piledriver. So this posting is just to explain what's going through my mind most of the time, and to illustrate that almost nobody has the slightest idea what I just said in the last sentence. Welcome to my world.

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Jeff said...

Well, to be fair, we already knew you dream of female masturbation.