Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where's Lucky?

Mom, by Jackson Hall
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So my friend Jackson came back into town briefly on Sunday, and called me up. I went up to his place and helped him do some he-man stuff, like sawing wood for a sawhorse. We decided we should start a tv show called "Well That's Not Right!" about two inept geeks who try to do construction projects based on instructions they download from the internet. ('Cause basically, that's what was going on. In our first attempt, we ended up with a beautiful sawhorse for a midget.) We then went in and had a wonderful dinner of Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee pizza. Just fabulous.

The MOST fabulous part of the evening, however, is what you see to the right. Jackson painted this amazing picture for my birthday. (Click the pic to see it bigger.) I'm astounded. The house in the background is the classic Fisher-Price "blue and yellow" house, which he painted in full colour and then washed over until it faded into the background.

Brilliant. Finest birthday gift I've ever received. This is the kind of thing bourgeois hipsters in California pay $500 for. I've always wanted something like this, and Jackson created a work of art worthy of praise from the Fisher-Price gods.

Another view of the painting can be seen here.

Thank you, Mr. Hall.

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adorich said...

Just one thing -- I also like this painting. I just makes me want to smile.