Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Sorry, I'll Draw That Again

Originally uploaded by TedHobgood.
So Kit FitzSimons and I have decided to challenge each other to produce a webcomic each and every Wednesday morning (so tune in each week for, this.) We're calling our little challenge, our little publishing company, what have you, "I'm Sorry, I'll Draw That Again". It seems to fit our...idiom.

And here is my first effort. It's not finished yet, but as Kit has reminded me, we need to stick to our deadlines and have something up, no matter what state it's in. I've promised myself I'd have my piece up by 10:00 am today (and Kit, it WAS up by 10:00...on Flickr. I'm still composing this blog entry at 10:01.)

This has no title yet, because the title is supposed to be the climax that is revealed in the fourth panel. Buuuuut, the fourth panel is empty. Because I haven't drawn it yet. I also haven't coloured the piece yet. I'll try to get that done tonight, with any luck, and will make another post then.

This is my first attempt at drawing a comic since I was, well, maybe 10 or so. (I think I still have that monstrosity laying about somewhere. If I can find it, I'll post it here.) I've been reading scads of books about writing/drawing/inking/lettering/making comics for years, but thanks to the TedKit Challenge, I've finally gotten my ass and made an attempt. It's no great art, but it's a start, and that's what ISIDTA is all about.

The initial idea was sketched out on the back of a magazine at Time Out, as well as in my Official ISIDTA Sketchbook. I then pencilled it on Bristol board (good move) with a red pencil (bad move--next time, use a soft pencil and then erase the pencil lines). I scanned it into the computer (need to do a better job of that next time) and made the borders in Photoshop (I hate PS's line tools; maybe do those in FreeHand next time?). The lettering was done in Photoshop, using Blambot's "WebLetterer" font.

You can see the strip bigger here. A closeup of on of the panels can be seen here. Click the "original sizes" link to see it even bigger.
And you can check out Kit's side of ISIDTA here.

Let the TedKit Challenge continue! Long live I'm Sorry, I'll Draw That Again!


Kit said...

I definitely like the font. I'm going to have to steal the concept if not the font as well. (So slick).

Very nice zoom-in. Only thing I'd say is that, just because of societally-stressed stereotypes, the land in the second panel looks more like water than the surrounding water does. It may just be a matter of crosshatching the ocean.

Ted said...

Yeah, BlamBot is just a wonderful source for comic fonts. I'm tempted to buy a font or two just to show them my appreciation.

Yeah, the land does look horribly wateresque in that one panel. I threw in those "mountains" on a whim when I was inking; should've tested them in the pencil stage. I was planning on trying to distinguish the land and the sea in the colouring phase.