Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ISIDTA Week 2: My New Monitor

ISIDTA Week 2: My New Monitor
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I'm still doing the research for the continuation of the AWA strip, so this week I just tried an experiment in panel arrangement and drawing real objects. I just bought a new Mac Pro system, with a 30" HD Cinema Display. It's so big, it won't fit on either of my computer desks, so I'm relegated to just sitting it on my big worktable. This strip was the first thing I created on my new system.

I did thumbnails in my official ISIDTA Moleskine notebook, then used a ruler and a pyrex baking dish to lay out the pencils on Bristol board. I inked the drawings using this amazing Tachikawa #44 nib that Jackson got me (I'm going to try the fabled Deleter G-Pen, but I can't imagine how it could be better than the Tachikawa; this thing feels like an extension of my hand!) The panel borders were done with a bamboo dip pen, which makes a surprisingly smooth and nicely thick line. The whole thing was scanned into Photoshop and hastily coloured using the Wacom tablet.

You can see the full size strip here, and the bare inks here.
As always with the ISIDTA challenge, you can see Kit's submission here.


Kit said...

Well, hello, lead singer of Smash Mouth!

I like the stained-glass-window layout, and man, those inks came out looking awesome. I used ink for next week's strip, and it...well, it came out looking kind of horrible. Until I find a better solution, I think I'll stick with pencil.

Ted said...

I can't draw human beings for shit.

We should do some inking practice next Thursday. Or, as I like to say, Thoisday.