Friday, November 03, 2006

Entertainment Of The Day

This is my latest timewaster, or as I prefer to call it, "mood soother". It's a simple, fun, creative, noncompetitive game that I find quite relaxing. They call it "Paintball: The Game" (I guess because you paint a path for the ball to follow), but I prefer to refer to it as "that line game". You can read the instructions if you want, or ignore the completely wrong guide on the screen below the actual game, but basically what you do is use your mouse to draw lines on the screen to guide the red ball to the red rectangle, then hit the spacebar to drop the ball. There's no one way to solve any particular puzzle, and you can try over and over again with no penalty. I love little physics-esque puzzles games like this (which is odd, since I got a D in Physics).


Lisa P said...

The damn thing is hypnotic.

Ted said...

Ain't it, though? I left my computer at work on all weekend, just so I can come back and play where I left off.