Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jack Mackson FINAL

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Okay, so hours and hours later, here's the (basically) final version of this week's I'm Sorry, I'll Draw That Again strip. Why I think I can crank out a full page pencilled, inked, coloured, and lettered comic on deadline, I have no idea.

Anyway, click the image to go to the Flickr page where you can see it at full size. (Or just click here for the full size version.)

The experiment this week was to work from a photo reference. My good buddy Jason was happy to put on a too-small jacket and wield a pistol from the Dollar Store. Unfortunately, I had no idea what the script was going to be, so we just shot a series of semirandom pictures, and then I muddled over them until I came up with what you see here.

You can see the original photo layout here, laid out in the wonderful Comic Life program. I may try to lay out a whole comic in this program sometime.

You can see the pencils for Jack Mackson here.
The inks are here. They actually look pretty neat.
The colour layer is sort of fun to look at by itself, and can be found here.
Kit's ISIDTA offering is here. Oo, zombies!

Today's Beaver and Steve has a wonderful quote on making comics.
"Drawing a comic is a lot like passing a particularly uncomfortable stool. You strain and struggle with it for hours and hours, occasionally breaking down and weeping like a child, until eventually, with a grunt of relief, it's done. And though you might worry that it's pretty small for the amount of effort you put into it, and you're not sure it really ought to be that colour, you can't help but feel a swell of pride as you stand there looking down at the shining new creation you've brought into the world. Then you scan it in and put it on the internet."

(If you aren't reading Beaver and Steve regularly, you should be.)


Kit said...

I tried to say this yesterday, and now it seems even more apropos:

I like the style; it reminds me of those Sesame Street comics from the 70s/80s that you'd find in the book-a-month hardcover Sesame Street books that you either got through the mail or weekly from the grocery store. Most likely by mail.

So yeah. Awesome.

Also, yay for underage drinking.

alex said...

That kicks all kinds of ass. Well done, sir.