Monday, November 27, 2006

Rolling Bomber Special

Many people probably know that I love Japanese popular culture, and particularly love the odd-sounding english names they come up with for attacks in pro wrestling and Godzilla-type movies. (Case in point, my fabulous wrestling move name generator, The Randominator.) Today I stumbled over this wonderful little short film from Japan that features some of that sort of fun. It's a parody of the Power Rangers, and hits that nail head on. Strangely enough, it also has a tinge of that Japanese sense of personal isolation that is so common in the culture. Anyway, if you know anything about the Power Ranger cliches, give it a try.

Rolling Bomber Special! Go!


Lisa P said...

Haha! I had forgotten about the Randominator. I clicked on it and got "Overhead Groin Dive" on the first try. Sounds like fun.

John Allore said...

Ooh that's great, I'm linking you... (and I got Canadian Python somethin')