Tuesday, October 31, 2006

CageMatch Hiatus

The show I produce at DSI is taking a break. I'm not going to do CageMatch for the month of November. This is due to a couple of reasons, mainly due to lack of energy. I've done the show just about every Saturday since the beginning of April, and spend an average of about ten hours a week producing the graphics, songs, and video for the show. As much as I love the creative opportunities the show provides me, it'll be nice to take a little time off and recoup my energy. Plus, I think everybody's been a little burned out in playing on CageMatch, and hopefully there will be some people chomping at the bit to be Challengers when we return in December, alternating Saturdays with Harold Night. It's been a fun run, and we'll do it again soon. If people are interested, we may go back to a full schedule in January.


Jackson Galaxy said...

I will miss the weekly dose of video. It gets me thru the week.

Ted said...

I may have to produce some sort of weekly project for my own (and others) amusement. I seem to have caught the animation bug.