Wednesday, June 28, 2006

PCQOTD : 6-28-06

"Can’t sing. Can’t act. Slightly balding. Dances a little."

"Truth is dreams that don't come true, and nobody prints your name in the paper till you die."


Jeff said...

C'mon, am I the only person willing to step up to bat?!

P: Fred Astaire
E: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

C: I'm going to twist this one to be as weird as I possibly can. Astaire was in "The Gay Divorcee", and the 3 references to homosexuality in William's original Cat on a Hot Tin Roof were removed from the movie. Gay and removal.

Kit said...

Connestion: the movie "Cats Don't Dance"?

Jeff said...

C: The Paula Abdul video "Opposites Attract"?

Kit said...

C: Cats the Musical?

Jeff said...

S.W.A.T. Kats?

Ted said...

Gay removal. Heh.

Many interesting ideas there, but this was a complicated Connection. The first quote is about Fred Astaire, the second quote was from Burl Ives' character in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof". Both Astaire and Ives lent their voices to animated lead characters in Rankin-Bass Christmas shows. (Astaire was the postman/narrator in "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" and Burl Ives was the snowman/narrator in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

Shirley Booth was also a lead character in a Rankin-Bass Christmas production, but I couldn't find a decent quote from "Hazel".