Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yet Another SNL OC Parody

Memes and video? I'm game, even though I've never seen the show in question. This is all inspired by Faber Fabe's post here, so start there if you don't get it. Then Jason did this amazing one, and Lauren did a cute one. Jennings pissed on the parade, but what the hey, Nick and Jason both urged me to do one, so I trudge ever forward. And I did three.
  1. Cockaroach
  2. Mickey
  3. Hunting


Kit said...

That third one is absolutely my favorite of everybody's so far.

Ted said...

Many thanks. I actually woke up this morning thinking that it needed improvement, and rushed into the media room to add a slow-motion gunshot to the video, but by that time, people had already commented on the YouTube page, so I couldn't put up the new version without losing the comments. Ah well.

fleeba flobba said...

I agree w/Kit.

Has anyone created one set in any of the "Grand Theft Auto" locations?