Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wrestling Art!

How cool is this? I had read about this guy Len that was drawing custom monsters, and went and checked out his website. He takes a one-word request, and draws a monster inspired by that. He then mails you the art AND puts up a video on YouTube showing your drawing being made! I'm always wanting wrestling art, so I bought a monster and gave the suggestion "luchador". Click here to see a time-lapse video of my requested drawing being made. The final image can be seen here. I also really like this one. I love Len's style, and it's fun and inspirational to see the drawing actually being created. And what a good idea to make a little cash! Anyway, I was ecstatic with the way my drawing turned out, and am looking forward to receiving it soon.

BTW, my ISIDTA entry will be up later tonight. Kit and I drew stuff last night, but I won't have time to scan it until after I finish at the theater tonight.

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Nick Faber said...

Very cool, Ted.

I love it when humanity trickles onto the interwebs like this.