Friday, April 27, 2007

YouTube Safari

It's a YouTube wanderin' day.

First, I thought about sharing this Spanish Le Tigre video with you, which amused me because the singer is hot and the dancing is hilarious.

Then somehow I got distracted when I discovered this old video of magician Fred Kaps. I have a Kaps Wallet (which is a great piece of magic apparatus) but had never seen him perform.

Then I thought about telling you about this wacky Bill Plympton animation. Very cool stuff. But I lost interest after a while.

But on the Plympton page, one of the "related" videos offered up was a Brazilian guide to anal sex. Oh, this is definitely the YouTube video to share with my readers, says I. BUT NO! One of the related videos on that page was a REMIX of the Brazil video, set to music. Yes, this is what I offer to you today. When I get home, I'm mp3-in' this baby and slappin' it on the iPod.

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